Learn How to Sing Online at A2Z Smart Music Academy

Learn How to Sing Online at A2Z Smart Music AcademyClick Image To Visit SiteThe SingSmart™ Music Academy provides easy and organized options. LEARN to SING, VOCAL EXERCISEs, PRACTICE SINGING REAL SONGS, PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES and so much more for both beginners and professionals. In fact, many professionals say they learn more in one week than they did in years of private lessons.

Using this method and system you can truly reach your vocal potential…and it’s easy. All you have to do is put in the time. Learn the information and then apply it to YOUR SINGING VOICE. No two vocal instruments are the same, so simply repeating exercises and learning the basics without knowing how to personally apply them will not help you find the singing success you seek.
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Captain of your Camera

Captain of your CameraClick Image To Visit SiteI want to help you take great photos with your DSLR. You’ve likely been frustrated by all of the features, not to mention that confusing manual. You might think you have to take a class just to figure it all out.

Let me assure you, it’s a lot easier to take professional quality photos than you think. Camera manufacturers barrage use with ads that try to convince people to buy newer cameras with more megapixels. Their profits depend on convincing you to keep buying new gear.
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Virtual Pose ®

Virtual Pose ®Click Image To Visit SiteThe iconic Virtual Pose ® series is dedicated to presenting the human figure in a way that allows a deeper understanding of shape, form, and gesture. For professional and student artists alike, Virtual Pose ® (affectionately known as "VP") is the next best thing to working with a live model, and the ultimate reference for amateur artists who have no access to studio sessions.Virtual Pose ® features figure models in artistic poses that can be smoothly rotated, at will, a full 360 degrees on-screen, zoomed-in on, panned, printed, and projected. All is needed is a free QuickTime VR (QTVR) viewer: a couple of MAC/PC compatible options are available to the artist. Virtual Pose ® is iPhone/ iPad compatible.

In all, six volumes would be published, including "Virtual Pose ® Children & Teens," which featured clothed children and teen models. Eventually, Virtual Pose ® would go totally green by offering new, as well as remastered content, via online download only.
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Card Magic : Coin Magic : Easy Magic to Do!

Card Magic : Coin Magic : Easy Magic to Do!Click Image To Visit Site"This ‘Learn Easy Magic’ collection from Bryan Dean is probably one of the BEST ways for anyone to learn some truly AMAZING magic tricks. They are easy-to-do, fun and entertaining.

"And, this set covers it all: cards, money magic, ESP/mental magic and magic with ordinary objects. And, it’s really great magic, too! (This isn’t the stuff you get in your local bookstore or at online magic shops — this is PERFECT for the beginning magician or someone who just wants to learn a few tricks to show off!
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Music Production – DJ Academy – DJ School

Music Production - DJ Academy - DJ SchoolClick Image To Visit SiteGain immediate access today to our online DJ & music production school in just a few steps… Our huge library of HD videos can be viewed on any device and at any time! We will teach YOU the secrets to not only DJing and making music, but how to get gigs (to get paid to do what you love!) and how to promote yourself so YOU succeed using our proven DJ formula! Learn how to DJ with the help of some of the best Pros on the planet.

If you dream of that incredible feeling of DJing in front of thousands of people who are willing you on.. and furthermore getting paid to do exactly what you love then you are in the right place! DJing and music production opens many doors and we are going to show you everything you need to know. So, what are you waiting for?
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Jon Gorrie – Personal Website

Jon Gorrie - Personal WebsiteClick Image To Visit SiteI’m originally from New Zealand, but have lived in several locations, including the United Kingdom, Austria, and Norway. I’m currently based in Ålesund, Norway.

My early trumpet and musical studies were with John (Jack) Lauderdale in NZ. I’ve also studied with Howard Snell (and others) at the RNCM in Manchester, U.K. as well as Mike Kirgan at Victoria University of Wellington. A more complete CV is available here.
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So you think you can teach dancing?

So you think you can teach dancing?Click Image To Visit SiteDiane Sheehan 5th from the right DIANE SHEEHAN, former Rockette, choreographer turned dance entrepreneur with a masters degree in philosophy and 49 years as owner and operator of the most successful Dance Studio in the Niagara Peninsula, ON, Canada turns know how into show how by sharing.

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Andre Grobler – Oil Painting lessons – Andre Grobler – Oil painting lessons

Andre Grobler - Oil Painting lessons - Andre Grobler - Oil painting lessonsClick Image To Visit SiteAndre Grobler was a worldwide acclaimed professional artist, mentor and art teacher for more than 43 years and has produced over 20,000 paintings during his lifetime. His passion was the use of colour and his unique broad impressionistic style. Thanks to technology you can now receive his insightful instructions via video recorded lesson plans. The words and images on this website are his, just as he left them, before his passing on November 15, 2011.

These lessons cover all aspects of oil painting from beginners level to more advanced artists and include: rules of colour, tone and intensity, brush and painting knife techniques…
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All New Miami Ink Tattoo Designs – Miami Ink Tattoo Designs

All New Miami Ink Tattoo Designs - Miami Ink Tattoo DesignsClick Image To Visit SiteSince then, the site has evolved as one of the #1 rated tattoo membership sites online with the largest gallery of beautiful, high-quality designs. On top of that, Miami Ink Tattoo Designs has organized the designs into 60 specific categories to help you find a design quickly and easily.

Our membership area is constantly growing. In February, we answered the number 1 most requested feature – a mobile friendly members area. Our members area is not completely mobile and tablet friendly that allows you to search through designs at any time of day on any type of device.
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