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on R-tistx Board & Claybord® How to Paint Crystal and Lace

Lessons in Watercolor….. FREE See my "Watercolor-painting-tips" site for loads of information!

The info includes techniques, types of paint, brushes, studio and plein air supplies, watercolor surfaces, and preparing your painting surface.

In addition there are lessons on painting landscapes, skies, negative shapes, figures and faces, crystal and lace, and a four part demo showing the steps of painting a landscape.

For my Youtube videos, check out Youtube.com/user/maboysen and click to see all 15 of the videos on painting different subject.

see these pages: Rural Landscapes France Monet’s Gardens Florals Seas, Boats, Sunsets

Have you ever wanted to explore surface options for watercolor. Tired of the papers and framing and glazing with glass and plexi?

For the past decade I have been doing just that from the USA (including Alaska, Sanibel, Naples, Hilton Head, Kiawah Island, Steamboat Springs, to San Miguel, Mexico; Paris, Giverny, Provence, France; Tuscany, Venice, Greece and Turkey; Hawaii, Trinidad, in the Caribbean, and the most recent, South Africa and Sparrow Village. (See news article about trip to Sparrow Village) Taking students with me and offering the workshops to artists who want to see the wonders of this beautiful world and the lifestyles of past and present, and all the history that goes with it, has given me great pleasure. To share my experiences in paint with the world is rewarding. The kind emails I receive and the offers to travel more make the work worthwhile. I am deeply… Read more…  

Drawing Lessons, Drawing Courses & Pencil Drawing

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