Alternate Picking Fast Start – Online Alternate Picking Course

Alternate Picking Fast Start - Online Alternate Picking CourseClick Image To Visit SiteIf You’re New To Alternate Picking (And You’re Willing To Practice For Just 20 Minutes A Day), Then Here’s How You Can Quickly Start Unleashing Your Ultimate Picking Potential Today…

Because of this, we need to get a few quick questions out of the way. (That way you’ll be able to find out as soon as possible whether or not this is for you).
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Zap Me Up Guide

Zap Me Up GuideClick Image To Visit SiteGet your Tattoo Concealer Buying Guide bonus as a Thank You gift after your purchase! Simply enter your info and Order Number below for instant access!

The more informed you are about laser tattoo removal, the better your experience and results will be. Put the odds on your side, and avoid physical pain, infection, scarring, and possibly thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs!
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How to draw graffiti – manual

How to draw graffiti - manualClick Image To Visit SiteIf you wish to get full information about graffiti technique, to learn what you need for drawing graffiti and to get a practical guide, then my book is for you.

How to draw graffiti. Guide for Beginners contains concise information gathered directly from graffiti writers, many books, magazines, forums and blogs. No "milk-and-water", just the point! The guide contains only practical and useful information.
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Andre Grobler – Oil Painting lessons – Andre Grobler – Oil painting lessons

Andre Grobler - Oil Painting lessons - Andre Grobler - Oil painting lessonsClick Image To Visit SiteAndre Grobler was a worldwide acclaimed professional artist, mentor and art teacher for more than 43 years and has produced over 20,000 paintings during his lifetime. His passion was the use of colour and his unique broad impressionistic style. Thanks to technology you can now receive his insightful instructions via video recorded lesson plans. The words and images on this website are his, just as he left them, before his passing on November 15, 2011.

These lessons cover all aspects of oil painting from beginners level to more advanced artists and include: rules of colour, tone and intensity, brush and painting knife techniques…
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How to Read Music Notes for Beginners and Children

How to Read Music Notes for Beginners and ChildrenClick Image To Visit SiteChildren get confused, bored, and want to drop out of their piano lessons. As parents and teachers we want to help — but what can we do?

I have been a piano teacher for over 30 years. I have seen this problem so many times. I have surveyed all the piano teaching books, courses and ebooks on the market, and frankly, not one of them really helped children learn to read music notes in a quick, systematic way that was also fun.
Continue reading – Home - HomeClick Image To Visit SiteThis website for all those who are passionate about drama teaching. Unfortunately passion doesn’t always get you through in a teaching subject that has a high attrition rate. Many drama teachers ‘become the drama’ and either give up early or burn out later; chose less demanding subjects to teach; or leave teaching all together. As a young drama teacher I discovered how humiliating, how devastating, how depressing it is to discover that your great ideas, your energy and your enthusiasm are not enough to get you through. After only six months I simply left school at lunchtime one day and never returned. I dedicated a chapter in my book, Organised Chaos: A Very Practical Guide to Drama Teaching to my early failure as a drama teacher. The good news is that after giving up on my chosen career, bruised, battered and bewildered, I later returned to become an extremely successful drama teacher. I’m not just ‘blowing my own trumpet’ here. Check out what other teaching professionals have to say in the Personal Endorsements on this website. Drama Teaching Resources This is a website dedicated to helping new, struggling or flagging drama teachers find answers to problems, new direction and renewed enthusiasm. The aim is to make everything very practical. You won’t find highly intellectual articles debating the pros and cons of different approaches to drama. You will find information, resources and advice to help you develop a great drama program and organise your classes on a daily basis. This will be material that helps you to not only survive as a drama teacher but achieve the success you richly deserve. Harry Tawse (The successful failed drama teacher) Read more…

Learn Guitar Lessons Guide-Online Guitar Lessons-Free Video Guitar Lessons

Learn Guitar Lessons Guide-Online Guitar Lessons-Free Video Guitar LessonsClick Image To Visit SiteGuitar Lessons Home Acoustic Guitar Lessons Guitar Intermediate Lessons Guitar Advanced Lessons Blues Guitar Lesssons Bass Guitar Lessons Lead Guitar & Scales Free Guitar Lessons Guitar Chords Lessons E-book

Hello guitar enthusiast! My name is Peter Stephen Pentelbury. My 30 odd years of playing guitar and giving guitar lessons has finally culminate into-Learn Guitar Lessons Guide by “” with over 200 guitar lessons. They include Free Online Guitar Video Lessons. Pentelbury’s educational guitar tuition offers beginner guitar lessons, acoustic guitar lessons, electric guitar lessons, blues lessons, finger picking exercises and more. Printable guitar chords lessons and music songs. Learn how to play your favorite music songs.
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– Discover the World’s Finest Harmonica Learning Method – ⋆ Harmonica Jamz

- Discover the World's Finest Harmonica Learning Method - ⋆ Harmonica JamzClick Image To Visit SiteHarmonica Jamz is an interactive, revolutionary, and INSANELY effective video course that within two weeks from now, and not more than 15 minutes/ day, will teach you how to play all the songs you love, jam BEAUTIFUL music on your harmonica with friends, and have loads of fun while you’re being the cool guy or girl who rocks this exotic instrument! 

You thought harmonicas sound tinny? I will teach you all the secrets and techniques on exactly how to get the most beautiful tone out of your harmonica. People will be astounded from your sound!
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