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Solo Ad Success FormulaClick Image To Visit SiteMy name is Russell Leighton, together with my wife Eve I live in Birmingham, England where for just a few more weeks, I earn my full time living as a bus driver at the regional airport. The chances are that if you have ever flown into or out of Birmingham airport… we’ve probably already met… It’s just that you don’t remember. I tell you this just to make you aware that I’m not one of those ‘millionaire marketers’ you see on stage at those big Internet Marketing Events selling expensive courses.

No, instead I would have probably been sat next to you in the audience watching those guys make their presentations and imagining what life would be like if I could just make one tenth of what they publish as being their headline results… Perhaps you can relate to that?

In reality though, by trying to copy those Millionaire Marketers I’ve already spent a small fortune buying their home-study courses, attending their workshops & seminars and despite how many PLR Products I bought the licensing rights too…. No matter how many strategy webinars I registered for… I found that the one-thing that always held me back was getting enough people:

I could never really find any PROVEN WAYS to drive enough people to my website to make it profitable… That was how things were around here up until a few months ago…

I had decided to attend a private meeting not too far from where I live, about 40-50 like-minded people were there and many of us were all in the same boat, trying to launch a new home-based Internet business.

It was something that was said ‘off-the-cuff’ by another attendee later that evening as we stood around in the lounge bar networking, that… Read more…  

Pence, Buttons, Making Money, Get Paid & Internet Marketer

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