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The Internet Marketer's ManualClick Image To Visit SiteMany of us can truly empathise with anyone who finds himself/herself answering “YES!” to either or both of the questions at the head of this letter. Those who have been there will know how frustrating it can be, feeling that other people are controlling your life rather than you yourself. Your working day is about doing what you are told to do, going where you are told to go and being at the beck and call of others who don’t seem to appreciate your true worth.

In our society today, many are looking to break free from the drudgery of a 9 to 5 day; seeking freedom from the inflexibility and restrictive nature of employment; longing for financial security and the work/life balance to be able to enjoy it. Are you one of those people? If so, this is for you.

Introducing “THE INTERNET MARKETER’S MANUAL”, a comprehensive collection of 50 articles exploring all aspects of internet marketing. Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur with an established business, an up-and-coming marketer or a total beginner, you will find in this 86 page manual priceless information on all aspects of setting up and running an online business.

Internet marketing is the business of today. Many, many people are now grasping the nettle and setting up their own online business.

Work from your own home – begin your working days when you want to and not when someone else tells you to.

Put yourself and your family first – gain for yourself the time and flexibility for your hobbies and interests which so often get squashed into rare moments of relaxation; spend quality time with the family, at home and on holidays – which you take when it suits you rather than when it suits somebody else.

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