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Each 3D model is associated with an image in our regular atlas which serves as a great way to learn the exact same model information in 2D and 3D. Besides our Animated Lessons which activate your auditory and visual parts of the brain in the process of learning, here we introduce a technique which aims to combine the work of our visual and 3D orientational parts of the brain.  This way we ensure that the entire brain is active during the process of learning. If compared to the regular studying by only reading the texts, this technique can reduce the time needed to learn a certain topic by almost 70%

Our Animated Lessons served as a starting point which we also used to develop our 3D Atlas and our regular Atlas.  Actually, the very same images that were made while we were animating the lessons, were used in our atlas. The information about our 3D models and illustrations can be easily learned by simply watching everything being animated right in front of you. A truly unique approach in teaching anatomy, has already proven itself for thousands of users and students. Animated Lesson are carefully and precisely  illustrated and animated and will make your student days way easier

All of our illustrations are associated with our Animated Lessons and 3D models. This way you can easily remind yourself, what was taught in that particular animated lesson by simply watching the images that were animated during the lesson. Our Atlas includes very often step by step, virtually dissected and explained illustrations… Read more…


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