Book of Science Experiments for Kids to do at Home

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Book of Science Experiments for Kids to do at HomeClick Image To Visit SiteYou will see EXACTLY how to to do the experiments with the equipment you have in your kitchen. How will these video of experiments allow you to learn the GOOD PRACTICE without making mistakes?

You spend your time looking for the right information in books or on the web, but it is not clear. You have the right equipment in your kitchen, but you do not know it. You do not understand the explanation, because they are not explained in simple terms. The experiment fails every time because the instructions are not accurate. The experiments are described to you as though you have a Masters degree in nuclear physics and it does not interest you.

What you REALLY need are simple and understandable explanations for you and your children. You need step-by-step explanations. You need to see a video to understand how to manage the equipment. You need the right information, ready to hand.

We will not try to show you how to make a nuclear reactor, modify DNA or invent a revolutionary new chemical substance or any other unrealistic home experiment. This is not a 300-pages book, this guide was created to be easy and understandable to everyone and to let everyone do successful experiments at home with confidence!

Tonight you will be able to perform experiments at home in your kitchen. You’ll find that you already have all the necessary equipment in your drawers. Once you download the guide, you can start to have fun. You can watch all 55 videos and choose what experiments to do first.

This weekend you will be able to offer your children clever and interesting activities. You will be able to observe DNA, creating rainbows in the sky, watching sound waves … 55 experiments in total!

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