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Click Image To Visit SiteSherry Watson is considered to be the nation’s leading nonprofit expert and educator by news and media sources. She has launched 6 successful nonprofit corporations generating over $100 million in funding and real estate donations. Sherry was one of the chief architects of The Americans With … Continue reading

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Click Image To Visit SiteThe "Art of Intruder Detection" is the most comprehensive book ever written for the South African Intruder alarm industry. It is a technical training reference for new and current electronic intruder alarm technicians, sales personnel or end-users wishing to learn more about the inner workings of … Continue reading


Click Image To Visit SiteMs. Allen is the head teacher in her kindergarten class. She wants me, a therapist in her class, to join her when she badmouths her students. I choose to look away and completely ignore her during those times. She becomes angry because every other therapist sides … Continue reading