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How to select your profession - HomeClick Image To Visit SiteAfter your High School graduations you will find yourself on cross-roads of your life. Do you know which direction to turn? Have you been influenced by someone else to make choice for you or you are going to make your own decision? The secret of success in life is learning how to use both pain and pleasures instead of having pain and pleasure control you! If you do that than you will be in control of your life and if you don’t than life will control you!

In any major decision in our lives DO NOT RUSH IT! Sleep it over, discuss it your friends, teacher, parents, coaches about possible life choice for you. Have at least 2-3 solutions and options prior to making the important and final decision in your life.

In the past for most of the populations, educations was so scanty and illiteracy so widespread that only jobs open to them were manual or unskilled laboring. Geographical factors dictated also how people should work-if you lived in country you worked on the land; if you lived by sea you probably had something to do with fishing, if you lived in town, cities you took whatever pickings there were in industry. This picture has been transformed in twentieth century, with greater personal mobility and educational opportunities for all , ensuring that an increasing percentage of the young populations have some choice in how to spend their lives and how they earn their daily bread.

Psychologist have long realized ,however ,that people vary not only in intelligence but also in their aptitude for particular jobs. It is interesting to check the list of 12 factors, that participants in the survey were asked to choose three that they consider most important as criteria for judging personal success in… Read more…


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