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Learn Mathematics the Easier WayClick Image To Visit SiteAmong various math exercises, I taught him how to multiply a pair of two-digit numbers together in his head.

Are you surprised to learn there are different ways to solve math problems other than the school methods?

Schools do their best. And teachers work hard. But some students just don’t "gel" with the curriculum.

In all my research, I have never found a better way of communicating key math skills to students who are "just no good at math".

You can be sure any so-called "math whiz" has been lucky enough to have met a teacher who knew enough about the Vedic system.

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"We’ve been trying the ‘left to right’ method for addition and multiplication. My 12-year-old son picked it up in just a few minutes. Seemed very logical to him."

"My 8 year old has been using this almost every day. They have some thing like Mad minutes at school. (Doing 100 single additions/subtractions in 5 minutes).

"All their friends have been taking private tutoring in math, and my kids with Fun With Figures can do the same things faster than their friends."

"As a maths teacher I have found this extremely interesting and have used the techniques with my Year 8 group (age 12/13) who are below average at maths. I taught them the basic techniques from the e-book which they found fun and comments like: ‘This is well easy!’ ‘This is fun’ were going around the room."

"Fun with Figures is the most informative and fun math program I’ve ever had. In a short time I had much improvement after a lifetime of poor math skills. I’m… Read more…


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