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Maths is not only used in the classroom - Maths Is EverywhereClick Image To Visit SiteIn this eBook Brian Garnett uses simple everyday situations to get us thinking about the fact that maths is indeed everywhere.

Maths is not just sitting in a classroom taking in what a teacher is saying, Maths is not a bunch of numbers on a plan, Maths is not just used by Engineers, Architects Builders, etc.; Maths is used by everyone everywhere in everything that we do.

In this first for Brian he shares his thoughts about maths in everyday life. He gives us example from traveling to far flung places and closer to home simply ordering and dividing up a pizza.

Every chapter has examples of everyday usage of Maths as well as insights into the techniques and formulas used.

This is a unique opportunity to purchase Maths Is Everywhere for the very affordable price of $17.97 AUD. This will give you an insight into Brian’s skills and teaching methods as well as highlighting the everyday and sometime subconscious use of Maths in everyday life.

To purchase a copy of Brian’s eBook click here to order now! Brian’s eBook is available for immediate download.

Maths Is Everywhere is available as an eBook in the ePub format. This format is used by most of today’s portable devices and eReaders including Smartphones, iPhones, Tablets, iPads, Sony eReaders, in fact any device that uses the ePub format. The eBook can also be viewed on your PC or Laptop using suitable software to view the ePub format. There are several software products for Windows available including Calibre eBook Management and Softonic’s ePub Reader for Windows. For Apple users including iPhone, iPad and Mac ePub files can be read using the iBook App that is included on these devices.

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