Discover how to use LinkedIn to get your DREAM job

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Discover how to use LinkedIn to get your DREAM jobClick Image To Visit SiteAttention Tech Pros: if you are fed up with looking for a high paying job in your field and feel like you will never get an offer you’re interested in, you are not alone. Now you can use your FREE LinkedIn profile to…

Would you like to have a steady flow of high paying employers and top notch recruiters contacting you and convincing you to accept lucrative job offers you can’t refuse?

At this point in your job search, a statement like this may seem too good to be true. If you are like most of my clients before they start working with me, you probably feel the same way they do:

I understand your frustration. It can be disheartening to have all these great skills and be overlooked. But, here’s the good news: It’s not your fault! If you are still searching for a job the old way—it’s like playing the lottery. The odds are slim to none. Here’s the old way of searching for a job that only leads to disappointment and frustration:

It’s like a hamster running on a hamster wheel. You keep spinning your wheels but you are getting nowhere. The cold hard truth is NOT being contacted for an interview has nothing to do with your skill level or your resume. The reality is, organizations receive hundreds, if not thousands of resumes for one single position.

The hiring manager will typically look through 10 resumes for a few seconds, unless something catches his attention and stands outs. This becomes a tedious process and most of the remaining resumes are untouched, including yours! It’s not a win/win situation for you or the hiring companies. For the hiring manager, finding a GREAT candidate is like finding a needle… Read more…


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