Wind Power ebook : The Complete Consumers Guide

Wind Power ebook : The Complete Consumers GuideClick Image To Visit SiteThe Complete Consumers Guide to Wind Power is now featured int the Ultimate Survival Bundle, a collection of the best preparedness books available – All in one digital package for only $29 . Hurry, this bundle will not be available after September 23.

Hi and thanks for stopping by! My name is Jordan, and that burly looking guy on the left is Rick (my dad). We are the creators of and authors of The Complete Consumer’s Guide To Wind Power ebook
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Bourke Engine Documentary – Bourke Cycle Engine Edition

Bourke Engine Documentary - Bourke Cycle Engine EditionClick Image To Visit Site"The Bourke Engine Runs On An Incredibly Lean Air/Fuel Ratio! It Produces More Horsepower And Torque Per Pound Of Fuel Than Any Other Piston Engine In History! It Has Only 2 Moving Parts! The Oil Never Has To Be Replaced! It Runs Very Quiet! It Runs Much Cooler Than Conventional Engines And Produces Much More Power Due To Its Extremely High Thermal Efficiency! Perhaps The Most Efficient Piston Engine Ever Invented!"

PRESENTING The most valuable and efficient fuel powered piston engine ever made! Where it’s from! How it works! How to build one!
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Easy Build Solar Pool Heater

Easy Build Solar Pool HeaterClick Image To Visit SitePanel construction does not require machining, welding or precision work of any kind. No special tools or skills are required to complete this project. We supply plans and a 14 page comprehensive set of clearly illustrated instructions to guide you every step of the way. All materials are available from hardware stores and garden shops. Solar pool heater panels can be mounted vertically on a fence or horizontally on a roof Its as easy as ABC so give it a go. See below for more information.

Construction costs approximately $100 to $150 for the panel and between $30 and $60 for a circulation pump. Prices tend to vary from one country to the next but most fall within this range. Please note that although we are an Australian company the above prices are quoted in American dollars (US dollars are more familiar to the majority of our international clientele).
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Build Your Own Wind And Solar Power System – Energy 2 Green

Build Your Own Wind And Solar Power System - Energy 2 GreenClick Image To Visit Site"The power companies know that their customers could invest as little as $200 and generate their own electricity and literally make their meters spin backwards and that’s precisely why they hope you never learn about my Energy 2 Green system!"

For generations, we have been held hostage by Power Companies. Despite relatively little investment in new power plants and equipment, the average consumer has seen their electric bill more than double in the past 10 years! This far outpaces inflation during that same time period and no one has invested in any nuclear facilities for more than 3 decades so why have the power companies raised our rates so dramatically?
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