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Almost 24% of the production vehicle cost is electrical and if you want to afford that expensive troubleshooting costs, you need to know some practical "easy" techniques that a few mechanics will reveal to you. For example, if your vehicle quit one day and it occurred because of a blown "ten cents" fuse, it will help you stop wasting your time and save your hard earned money.

Although the repair scene has greatly changed since ATS was started in 2000, the basics for troubleshooting are practically the same in 2016:

Right now, there are numerous websites, videos and forums that you can read and watch for free or buy online to fix your vehicle problem. However, it is time consuming and not easy to find the EXACT SOLUTION when you needed it most.

2005 Honda Accord DX 2.4L with failed charging system. After replacing both battery ($125) and alternator ($229), the car won’t start the next day.

This is a typical mistake among some folks if no proper testing is done in the charging system. If you look at the alternator wirings above, there are 4 common fixes for this problem: battery (as shown in yellow star B in top left), alternator (shown in yellow star A in bottom right corner), the EDL control unit(shown in yellow star E in bottom left corner)and also the light indicator circuit (shown in yellow star L in top right corner).

If proper test was done first, the ELD unit might be the culprit and the cost is under $50. If the fuse is blown in fuse2 above on top right, then the cost is a mere 10 cents. Moreover,if you… Read more…


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