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Spanish English CognatesClick Image To Visit SiteThere is a buried treasure chest of Spanish vocabulary. In this treasure chest there are thousands of Spanish words that you already know.

This treasure chest is the collection of Spanish English cognates. Spanish English Cognates are words in both languages that share the same root and which are the same in spelling or are very similar.

It is important to bear in mind that these cognates do not always translate from one language to another precisely. These are known as "false Spanish English cognates".

The good news is, there are some known patterns for Spanish English cognates. After studying these patterns, I now categorized them into 32 easy-to-recognize groups.

However, a lot of frequently used Spanish-English cognates do not show easily recognizable patterns. We collected 779 pairs of such Spanish-English cognates and partitioned them randomly into 8 groups to for easy memorization.

All of these are included in the Spanish English Cognates Learning Package to help you master the core Spanish vocabulary instantly.

Our Spanish English Cognates Learning Package comes with one bonus. This bonus was added to help you master the core basic Spanish vocabulary.

BONUS: A list of 266 pairs of common Spanish-English false cognates. Spanish English false cognates are Spanish-English pairs look alike but do not have same meanings. By studying this list you can avoid some commonly committed mistakes by Spanish students.

These 2686 Spanish cognates have been categorized so that you can learn them instantly. There are 32 categories.

These 779 Spanish cognates can not be easily categorized. But they are frequently used in written or spoken Spanish. These words are partitioned randomly into 8 groups, with each group have roughly 100 cognates so that you can conquer them one group after another.

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