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How I Did It — The App ShortcutClick Image To Visit SiteThe source codes provided in The App Shortcut will give you that head start that you need to get an app in the app store this week! Just use my done-for-you apps, customize them the way you want, and get them online to start building your app empire.

The training provided with The App Shortcut will teach you my proven formula to get your app done fast, online, and making money for you with absolutely no coding experience.

My team meticulously combed through these plug-and-play app source codes to make sure they meet the strictest app submission guidelines. These work on all the latest devices and are ready to be tweaked and put on the market!

In order to make sure that your app efforts are as successful as possible I’ve packaged in traffic training from some of the most sought-after traffic strategists on the internet. Use these formulas to send masses of traffic to your apps and website.

As someone who’s made multiple six-figures per year in the app game, I want to give you the tips and strategies that I used to make it all possible. The apps are already ad ready so let’s start banking some income from apps!

Since Android is growing so quickly, I decided to package in some great resources that I’ve found all about how to be successful by putting your apps on Android as well. I wanted to make sure all the bases were covered.

Takes a picture of you or your friends, then add funny graphical elements to transform them. Many highly popular apps use similar code.

Take a picture of your friends, and let this app give them blood, skull and teeth, making them look a zombie version of themselves… Read more…


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