24 Hour Science Projects

24 Hour Science ProjectsClick Image To Visit SiteGet a FREE SCIENCE PROJECT GUIDE! Parents, get your FREE copy of "The Non-Scientist Parent’s Guide to Science Fair Projects". Find out how you can actually help your child, instead of doing the project yourself! Click here for your free guide!

(My son) was very excited to win second place for the Undercover Sneeze!!! He couldn’t have done it without your help and we do appreciate it. It was a great science fair project…and everyone commented on it. JoAnn – parent from North Carolina.
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Instant Learning® For Amazing Grades – How To Learn – Powerful strategies to master any new skill or subject

Instant Learning® For Amazing Grades - How To Learn - Powerful strategies to master any new skill or subjectClick Image To Visit SitePlease read this page to find out what best-selling author and America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert, Pat Wyman, has discovered about using learning styles study skills to help you raise your child’s grades just in time for the very next report card.

Do you have three minutes? If you’re serious about your child’s success, I’ll show you a study skills system discovery so powerful that:
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Landing page for live webinar

Landing page for live webinarClick Image To Visit Sitean online course for pregnant women who want to avoid unecessary medical intervention, maximise safety and feel confident about giving birth.

This unique 7 webinar course will fill you with confidence about having your baby. Contributors include midwives, a doctor, a food scientist and a naturopath. You’ll learn from the best in the business!
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Toddler Talk Clickbank

Toddler Talk ClickbankClick Image To Visit SiteAre you concerned about your child’s language development?  Do you have a family history of late talkers or language learning disorders and want ideas on prevention?  Do you need new ways to encourage language learning easily throughout the day? 

Toddler Talk: Techniques & Games is our new and improved eBook to guide parents and professionals as they work on building toddler’s first words and other language skills!! This version is only available, HERE, at Speech Therapy Talk!
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Best Baby Shower Games

Best Baby Shower GamesClick Image To Visit Site(and EVERYONE’S going to be asking for your "Secret" to having such fun and successful showers!)

Choose from 75 UNIQUE, EXCITING and BEAUTIFULLY-DESIGNED baby shower games for your next shower — some you won’t find ANYWHERE else on the web! All games are available for Immediate Download — no “expertise” required. And your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.
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Home – Everyday Education

Home - Everyday EducationClick Image To Visit SiteHi! I’m Janice Campbell, and I’m glad you stopped by. Homeschooling is a wonderful adventure, a great challenge, and an amazing opportunity. It can be overwhelming too, so since 2001, I’ve been offering information and resources that can help you along the way.

My four boys have all graduated, and I’m so thankful for the time we had together as we homeschooled from pre-school through high school, and even into early college. I believe in twaddle-free, active learning (pretty necessary with a houseful of boys!), so we used a lifestyle of learning approach influenced by Charlotte Mason, classical learning, and the Thomas Jefferson method.
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How Do I Tell The Kids – Child-Centered Divorce

How Do I Tell The Kids  - Child-Centered DivorceClick Image To Visit SiteGet your free copy of Post-Divorce Parenting: Success Strategies For Getting It Right! by Rosalind Sedacca, CCT- packed with valuable advice, tips, resources and more!

My name is Rosalind Sedacca. I’ve been where you are now – and I understand how you feel. Anxious, worried … maybe even terrified at the prospect of talking to your kids about the changes ahead.
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Catch Cheaters Fast – How To Catch A Cheating Lover

Catch Cheaters Fast - How To Catch A Cheating LoverClick Image To Visit SiteDo you lie awake at night, tormented with the gut feeling that your partner (male or female) could be cheating on you? Do you suspect that they are lying to you and seeing someone else? If so, then this could be the most important thing that you ever read.

Your suspicions are not paranoia. Affairs are extremely common and no relationship is immune to the danger. And yet, something as simple as gut feeling is still one of the most reliable indicators that cheating really is going on. But gut feeling alone won’t help you. You’ll still lie awake at night, you’ll still be confused by your partner’s behavior and simply not knowing the whole truth will continue to tear you up inside.
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