Image To Visit SiteMotherhood is such a wonderful time in a woman’s life. You have gone through the trials of pregnancy, survived labour and now it is finally time for you to sit back and enjoy being a mother. However, the first few weeks are the most challenging times for a new mother. There is so much to learn and so many new gadgets to figure out! Have you been walking around like a zombie recently?

Frustration starts to kick in when your lovely little one just can’t fall asleep or won’t stop crying. Does your baby go red in the face, draw his legs up and start crying? Is his/her tummy bloated and gassy? Or are they suffering from constipation? You start wondering what you are doing wrong. Am I a bad mother? Why won’t my baby stop crying? What can I do to help him? These are all normal questions that every mother wants answered.
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Secrets of the SuperMom — Secrets of the SuperMom

Secrets of the SuperMom — Secrets of the SuperMomClick Image To Visit Siteby Christina L. Moreland What happens the minute your kids start or go back to school? PAPERWORK! And loads of it! The inundation of homework and papers sent home from school the first week, and then throughout the year, is enough to drive even the most level-headed Super Mom up the wall! Here’s my secret…

by Christina L. Moreland We are plunging to the end of the summer, and if your kids are like mine, they are having a harder time entertaining themselves WITHOUT begging to be on the iPad or Wii all day long! As a parent it gets exhausting to continually say “No” without feeling like a drill…
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The Natural Fertility Coach – Fertility, conception and pregnancy information for prospective parents, midwives and health practitioners

The Natural Fertility Coach - Fertility, conception and pregnancy information for prospective parents, midwives and health practitionersClick Image To Visit SiteDid you know the real reason why you can’t make a baby may be that … a chemically ‘toxic environment’ is quietly ‘killing off your body’s natural ability’ to produce viable eggs?

Also, Commonly Accepted Fertility Drugs and Popular Fertility Treatments like IVF and ICSI, can not only cause… horrible long term health complications but may be directly responsible for conception of an unhealthy embryo!
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Child Behavior Management — Fun, Easy, and Effective with the Better Behavior Wheel

Child Behavior Management -- Fun, Easy, and Effective with the Better Behavior WheelClick Image To Visit Site"How to Turn STUBBORN, UNRULY, TEMPER TANTRUM Throwing Kids into Obedient Well Behaved Kids overnight and Restore PEACE & HARMONY to your Household"

"Experience the Thrill of Well Behaved Kids Overnight with this One-Of-A-Kind, Powerful New Parenting Tool"
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Sensational Brain — BrainWorks Sensory Diet Creator Tool

Sensational Brain — BrainWorks Sensory Diet Creator ToolClick Image To Visit SiteA sensory diet is the strategic use of sensory activities. While most of us use sensory strategies without really thinking about it (drinking coffee to stay alert, listening to soothing music to unwind, jogging to release tension, etc.), some children and adults have sensory needs that require a more intentional approach. A sensory diet is a plan, usually established by an Occupational Therapist, to meet the needs of people with sensory processing disorders so they will be able to engage in social interactions, focus on their education, self-soothe, and sustain attention to task more effectively. BrainWorks simplifies the process of creating sensory diets and teaches self-modulation through its use.  Click here to join BrainWorks or view membership options.

Information – Just click on any of the topics at the right of the screen to learn about sensory processing, sensory diets, resources, research and more! Many forms are available for your use as well, including a very helpful Sensory Symptoms Checklist.
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Conceiving Baby Gender

Conceiving Baby GenderClick Image To Visit SiteOur Feature Video Presentation Exhibits Ashley Spencer’s How to Conceive the Gender of Your Choice. A Natural and Shockingly Effective Gender Selection System with a 94.8% Success Rate!

Determining the gender of your child has never been easier! The pages of Ashley Spencer’s How to Conceive the gender of Your Choice, will allow you to uncover the secrets of gender selection. The medical science contained within the ebook originates from a rediscovered lost seminar and have been compiled in such a way that it will effortlessly aid you in your quest of having the baby of your dreams.
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Home – Everyday Education

Home - Everyday EducationClick Image To Visit SiteHi! I’m Janice Campbell, and I’m glad you stopped by. Homeschooling is a wonderful adventure, a great challenge, and an amazing opportunity. It can be overwhelming too, so since 2001, I’ve been offering information and resources that can help you along the way.

My four boys have all graduated, and I’m so thankful for the time we had together as we homeschooled from pre-school through high school, and even into early college. I believe in twaddle-free, active learning (pretty necessary with a houseful of boys!), so we used a lifestyle of learning approach influenced by Charlotte Mason, classical learning, and the Thomas Jefferson method.
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Bright Kids Toy GuideThe Smart Parent’s Guide To Choosing The Best Toys

Bright Kids Toy GuideThe Smart Parent's Guide To Choosing The Best ToysClick Image To Visit SiteReady and waiting for you in – The Smart Parent’s Guide To Choosing The Best Toys For Bright Kids

The Smart Parent’s Guide helps you choose toys your kids will love, explore and learn with – they’ll be learning and having a blast!! It’s easy! Take just a few minutes to follow our straightforward and unique system and you will see what to use and how to use it to best effect for your child’s learning and development in all areas.
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Join Charles Gant Membership – Dr Charles Gant Blog

Join Charles Gant Membership - Dr Charles Gant BlogClick Image To Visit SiteStress is defined as any mental or bodily tension resulting from factors which tend to alter an existent equilibrium. Chronic stress can lead to distress, defined as pain, anxiety, physical or mental suffering, which is often diagnosed as a medical or psychiatric disorder.

Most people vaguely realize that chronic stress is harmful, but they can’t quite identify what it is until distress arises, and even then the relationship to stress is often not clear.
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