Secrets of the SuperMom — Secrets of the SuperMom

Secrets of the SuperMom — Secrets of the SuperMomClick Image To Visit Siteby Christina L. Moreland What happens the minute your kids start or go back to school? PAPERWORK! And loads of it! The inundation of homework and papers sent home from school the first week, and then throughout the year, is enough to drive even the most level-headed Super Mom up the wall! Here’s my secret…

by Christina L. Moreland We are plunging to the end of the summer, and if your kids are like mine, they are having a harder time entertaining themselves WITHOUT begging to be on the iPad or Wii all day long! As a parent it gets exhausting to continually say “No” without feeling like a drill…
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Your Guide to a Perfect

Your Guide to a Perfect Quinceanera-www.Planyourperfectquinceanera.comClick Image To Visit SiteI am the mother of six beautiful girls. Like you, I know that the most precious gift I could give each of my daughters was a beautiful quinceañera. A party that she will always remember. A quince that celebrates her Hispanic tradition and her religious faith. When my youngest daughter was 12, I began planning her quinceañera in our hometown of El Paso. Imagine my surprise when my husband told me we were moving to New Mexico. So much for planning ahead. I had to start all over with new places, new people, and our new church, which we adored! Rosa’s quinceañera was spectacular and I still remember it like yesterday. Mija has kept me proud all these years since then, graduating from medical school and recently getting married. You know I cried my eyes out when that beautiful woman, mi chiquita, walked down the aisle with the very same tiara she wore in the first quinceañera I ever planned.

Each of my precious daughters in turn had a wonderful quinceañera. And let me tell you, after six of them, I am the neighborhood expert now on quinceañeras. And not just my own neighborhood! All of my friends, family, their friends, and even people I don’t know are always asking me to help them plan their quinceañeras. I have done 100’s of quinceañeras now and really feel like I have 100’s of daughters, each as special as the beautiful girl it honored.
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