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Toddler Speech BoostClick Image To Visit SiteIf you want a chance to double your toddler’s words in the next 6 weeks, then please keep reading.

You see, I suspect that you’re probably going through something similar to what we went through, so I can relate to the headaches that you’re facing.  Our daughter Rebecca had a speech delay as well.

During this time, I kept feeling like we were not doing enough to help her.  But it wasn’t because we didn’t want to do anything.

It was because we really didn’t know if there was really an issue with her speech.  Being new parents, we didn’t have other kids to compare her with.

After we did some research, we found out that there are standard development milestones for toddlers in various age groups.  Reviewing the development milestones helped us determine that there was a problem.

I’m not sure who first said this quote, but it is one of my favourites.  It highlights the importance of being aware and having the right  knowledge to assess if there is indeed a problem.

When Rebecca was getting older, we started wondering why she wasn’t saying much.  She did have a few words in her vocabulary, but we thought she’d know more by then.  But we just didn’t know for certain.

We started researching how many words she should say.  What we found was there are lots of sites that have the milestones that your toddler should be meeting, BUT all the sources had somewhat different information.  I’ll admit that it was confusing for me to go through.

However, I’m not one to back away from a challenge.  I decided to compile the milestones from the most reputable sources (such as the CDC, Health Canada, etc), and create a consolidate list of milestones.

I’ve grouped that data into the various… Read more…


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