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Crowding the Island - PurchaseClick Image To Visit SiteWhere do rights come from? What rights are inalienable? How do we decide whose rights have preference over others? Do beings other than humans have rights?

Those of us who live in the mostly freest of countries get quite uppity when we feel that someone has violated our rights. Of course, very few understand where rights come from. This is true of all political persuasions. And most politicians are more interested in obliterating rights than protecting them.

In too many countries rights are not a problem because the people have very few rights at all. Why do they have so few rights compared to people fortunate enough to have been born in countries that have many rights?

How did one country in history create itself with so many rights? What did the founders of that country know so well that has been almost completely forgotten by their descendents of today?

There are so many kinds of rights that have been defined, so many categories. Are some really more important than others? How can we find an objective basis for rights when there are so many different rights to consider?

There are so many claims about rights that confusion and conflict are inevitable. Is there some way to determine an objective basis for rights so that most philosophers can decide which rights truly are imporatant and resolve some of the conflicts all over the world?

Can we take an expedition into our minds, our knowledge, to discover this basis among what we have already learned? A good understanding of history is a great tool to use to examine how humans have developed all of the confusing claims about rights. We might have to poke past the boxes that have been built around these concepts.

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