Lattice Nested Hydreno Atomic Model: Home

Lattice Nested Hydreno Atomic Model: HomeClick Image To Visit SiteWas Rutherford Mistaken? A reanalysis of the historic Gold Foil Alpha Particle experiment reveals two invalid assumptions pointing to a nuclear dimension possibly 1000 times larger than that proposed by Rutherford. Supporting evidence from neutron absorption crossections and other data appears to support this heretical notion providing a radically different view of the atom…. more >

Revolutionary Atomic Model (Framework For A Grand Unified Theory) Secrets Of Nuclear & Atomic Structure Deciphered ~Ancient Mysteries Solved~ Possibly the biggest development in atomic and nuclear theory in over 200 years, the Lattice Nested Hydreno model takes science to the next level of fundamental understanding, explaining many of the greatest mysteries of the Universe in truly astounding detail. Contrary to the assertions of Bohr and Rutherford, it is intuitively obvious that the structure and geometry of the nucleus must have a direct bearing on the properties of the atom as clearly evident in this radically new atomic model. For the first time in history, the hidden geometric code of the Periodic Table of Elements, including their Isotopes and Allotropes, is deciphered in a logical, common sense fashion accounting for literally thousands of previously unexplained chemical and nuclear properties and phenomena including: • The relationship between nuclear, atomic and macroscopic reality. • Isotopic distribution, abundance, missing isotopes & elements (Tc). • The void of stability from Bi toTh & the upper limit of nuclear diameter. • What causes the escalating neutron-proton ratio. • Why U235 is thermal neutron fissionable, while U238 is not. • The difference between thermonuclear and "cold" nuclear reactions. • The strong force, nuclear geometry, nucleon structure, spin quanta. • Atomic and nuclear based allotropes, isomers & crystal structure. • Electron structure, orbital shells, orbital shapes and quantization. • Chemical bonding, bond angles, bond types and bond strength. • why matter and mass are not… Read more…

American Civil War Collection

American Civil War CollectionClick Image To Visit SiteVideo History Today (primary site of American Civil War Maps & Photographs and the Civil War Teacher Pack) uses Clickbank, the Internet’s leading retailer of digital products for its Instant Download products. All you need is a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything like that. And it’s totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to Clickbank and no one but Clickbank has access to your sensitive information.

The American Civil War Map & Photograph packages, the Civil War Teacher Pack and the American Civil War Collection are four unique packages of practical & adaptable battlefield maps, lesson plans, historic archive images, Google Earth overlays (maps which display within the Google Earth application over the real terrain where a battle occurred) and hundreds of Google Earth KMZ Placemarks (which allow you to zoom straight to a key spot within Google Earth instantly). And these easily downloadable Collections can by yours in minutes!
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Info Products Made Easy!

Info Products Made Easy!Click Image To Visit SiteMy Dr told me … "change your life or you WILL DIE!" That meant, pack in my job and create a brand new, stress free life fast! And when you’re in the middle of a painful divorce … that’s not easy!

In a second I’ll reveal for you how you can create a handful of your own products like mine that … are giving me well over $100,000 per year using my ridiculously simple, easy to follow system.
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Top Secret Car Secret – Dr Suzanne Gudakunst

Top Secret Car Secret - Dr Suzanne GudakunstClick Image To Visit Site"I’m Going to Give You My Secret for Buying Any Car You Want for 30%, 50% and Even 90% OFF What Everybody Else Has to Pay!"

"I’ve personally used my Top Secret Car Secret to buy every kind of car you can think of … everything from your average middle-class car, all the way up to Rolls-Royces and Lamborghinis … but where I’ve saved literally $100,000’s on these cars and MORE!"
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The Ultimate Guide To Conder Tokens: The Provincial Token-Coinage of the 18th Century Digital Quick Reference

The Ultimate Guide To Conder Tokens: The Provincial Token-Coinage of the 18th Century Digital Quick ReferenceClick Image To Visit SiteIt’s finally here…Introducing a remarkable digital numismatic reference for Conder Token collectors that has twice the utility of a hardcopy of D&H and is available at a fraction of the cost. We have successfully taken the “Bible” of 18th Century British Tokens, Dalton and Hamer’s Provincial Token-Coinage of the 18th Century, ripped it apart and meticulously pieced it back together into a restructured, fully integrated digital book . . . adding oodles of info and a multitude of navigational features along the way to create the infinitely more user-friendly Conder token reference, The Ultimate Guide To Conder Tokens: The Provincial Token-Coinage of the 18th Century Digital Quick Reference.

What’s in it for the Novice? Everything! It’s more than an extremely cost-effective alternative to buying a hard copy of D&H. It provides all of the essential content of D&H and the need-to-know facts about the original reference. Incorporates a discussion on rarity, token composition analysis, collecting tips, value study, and an excellent article on the history of the series courtesy of Professor George Selgin.
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School Strategic Planning – Welcome

School Strategic Planning - WelcomeClick Image To Visit SiteRunning a school is time consuming, terrifying, stressful, difficult – and hugely challenging and enjoyable – and most school leaders wish there was less time spent on government requirements and more time for educational leadership. But, in the current education climate, neglecting to pay attention to the accountability requirements of parents and governments is a recipe for trouble.

And one of the critical things all schools must do is to undertake thoughtful and comprehensive strategic planning.
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Write Create & Promote a Best Seller!

Write Create & Promote a Best Seller!Click Image To Visit SiteHave you ever wondered why some writers earn millions of dollars and sell tens of thousands of books, while others struggle to earn back even the smallest advances? Do you know what makes one book outsell another? How do you attract new readers to buy your books in droves? Are you still trying to find a way to get your book published and onto those shelves, in front of readers where it belongs? Dear Fellow Author, A few short years ago, I was asking myself many of those same questions. I wanted to know how I could get my foot in the publishing ‘door’. I was curious about how I could get my own books to sell well, and how I could get readers to recognize my name as being synonymous with an author they could trust. I also wanted to know what I could do to improve my writing to such a degree that editors would never consider rejecting my manuscripts. That’s when I embarked on a research odyssey, of sorts. You see, for more than two years, I studied what the best-selling authors did and how they wrote. I interviewed editors and agents to learn about their likes, dislikes and preferences. I asked bookstore owners and distributors what made them buy the books they chose. I attended conventions and seminars, trying to figure out why some authors got paid six-figure advances and others remained in the poor house. What I learned surprised me! In fact, I think it will surprise you, too. You see, it is true that almost anyone can write a book – but it really does take something special to turn a book into a best seller. So … Can anyone turn a book into a best-seller? Honestly, the answer is NO. Too many… Read more…

Writing help toolkit (Revised Edition) offering tips and downloadable sample templates on how to write letters, reports, resumes, essays, and term papers, for business, personal, and school situations.

Writing help toolkit (Revised Edition) offering tips and downloadable sample templates on how to write letters, reports, resumes, essays, and term papers, for business, personal, and school situations.Click Image To Visit Site"Instant Home Writing Kit (Revised Edition) is a complete revision of the original best seller. It’s a comprehensive writing style guide for home, business, and school that covers the writing of: letters (personal and business), resumes and c.v.s, essays (APA and MLA), book reports, and e-mails. It includes a Bonus Chapter on how to write Business Reports. This 260+ page ebook is packed with practical tips, tricks, advice and info, and comes with more than 80 fully-formatted real-life sample templates that users can download into their word processors and use. It’s a powerful general purpose writing toolkit that covers the entire range of day-to-day practical writing needs for home, business and school." Read more…