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GYWFF SBIClick Image To Visit Site"I have finally made it through GYWFF. I love it! You know how much I want to become a good writer and this book certainly helps. Why? Because it about editing, not writing. While reading it I realized that it’s okay to make mistakes while writing, because you can always go back and fix them. Sounds silly, but for an anal engineer like me it’s almost a revelation. Even though I’ve always known that I don’t have to get it right in the first draft, GYWFF reinforces the point. Now I can relax while writing and enjoy the process a little more." –Bill Drago, East Islip, NY

"An excellent read, it’s going to be really helpful to me when I have to write things for my employer. I found the parts about paring paragraphs really useful." –Lesley Pinkett, Ottery St Mary, England

"I’m working with analysts on improving their research reports, most of which are transmitted electronically. I was particularly interested in your comments about making onscreen reading material more readable." –Barbara Andrews, Quality Editor, Nerac, Inc.

"I just downloaded your new e-book and read it front-to-back. I love it. It’s all substance. Very useful. You’re now an important part of my metamorphosis as a writer." –Charles Tutt Columbia, MO, USA

"Thanks for the technical explanation of reading longer words. It makes sense, and gives me something to aim for." –Cathy Campbell, Queensland, Australia

"As soon as I started reading, I quickly realized that your book would help me to review and edit my work with a much more critical eye. Your book offers excellent advice and practical tips to improve our writing skills." –Lyn Huet, Calgary, Alberta Read more…


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