Azimuth Navigation

Azimuth NavigationClick Image To Visit SiteWith the continuing commercial development of SatNav systems for vehicles and hand held devices the user community among the general population is rapidly increasing. There is a requirement for more awareness of how these devices work.

Many have a strong belief in the accuracy of GPS and the maps that are supplied to manufacturers of SatNav systems. This belief is well founded for nowadays GPS has a high reliability. However GPS and the maps are not without fault. As with any technical development there are issues and problems that can occur both while in use and in development.
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Lattice Nested Hydreno Atomic Model: Home

Lattice Nested Hydreno Atomic Model: HomeClick Image To Visit SiteWas Rutherford Mistaken? A reanalysis of the historic Gold Foil Alpha Particle experiment reveals two invalid assumptions pointing to a nuclear dimension possibly 1000 times larger than that proposed by Rutherford. Supporting evidence from neutron absorption crossections and other data appears to support this heretical notion providing a radically different view of the atom…. more >

Revolutionary Atomic Model (Framework For A Grand Unified Theory) Secrets Of Nuclear & Atomic Structure Deciphered ~Ancient Mysteries Solved~ Possibly the biggest development in atomic and nuclear theory in over 200 years, the Lattice Nested Hydreno model takes science to the next level of fundamental understanding, explaining many of the greatest mysteries of the Universe in truly astounding detail. Contrary to the assertions of Bohr and Rutherford, it is intuitively obvious that the structure and geometry of the nucleus must have a direct bearing on the properties of the atom as clearly evident in this radically new atomic model. For the first time in history, the hidden geometric code of the Periodic Table of Elements, including their Isotopes and Allotropes, is deciphered in a logical, common sense fashion accounting for literally thousands of previously unexplained chemical and nuclear properties and phenomena including: • The relationship between nuclear, atomic and macroscopic reality. • Isotopic distribution, abundance, missing isotopes & elements (Tc). • The void of stability from Bi toTh & the upper limit of nuclear diameter. • What causes the escalating neutron-proton ratio. • Why U235 is thermal neutron fissionable, while U238 is not. • The difference between thermonuclear and "cold" nuclear reactions. • The strong force, nuclear geometry, nucleon structure, spin quanta. • Atomic and nuclear based allotropes, isomers & crystal structure. • Electron structure, orbital shells, orbital shapes and quantization. • Chemical bonding, bond angles, bond types and bond strength. • why matter and mass are not… Read more…

Tutoring business,tutoring as a business,tutoring,make money teaching

Tutoring business,tutoring as a business,tutoring,make money teachingClick Image To Visit Site. You too can earn over $50 an hour teaching students part time or full time

Are you already teaching private students? Do you tutor students?Are you teaching guitar? Do you want to learn how to start a cooking school? Would you love to have your own karate school, dance school, art studio, driving school? Do you teach ballet, music, painting, martial arts, computer software, book keeping, photography? Do you have skills that you want to teach to others?
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GYWFF SBIClick Image To Visit Site"I have finally made it through GYWFF. I love it! You know how much I want to become a good writer and this book certainly helps. Why? Because it about editing, not writing. While reading it I realized that it’s okay to make mistakes while writing, because you can always go back and fix them. Sounds silly, but for an anal engineer like me it’s almost a revelation. Even though I’ve always known that I don’t have to get it right in the first draft, GYWFF reinforces the point. Now I can relax while writing and enjoy the process a little more." –Bill Drago, East Islip, NY

"An excellent read, it’s going to be really helpful to me when I have to write things for my employer. I found the parts about paring paragraphs really useful." –Lesley Pinkett, Ottery St Mary, England
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Discover The System That Puts Your Foundation Funding On Auto-Pilot!

Discover The System That Puts Your Foundation Funding On Auto-Pilot!Click Image To Visit Site"Five Days to Foundation Grants" is a succinct (a mere 77 pages) distillation of grant proposal writing magic! The author covered all the basics of grant proposal writing, including foundation prospect research on a budget (nothing needed but an internet connection), how to use storytelling to your organization’s advantage, how to submit an online grant proposal, and what materials you’ll need. I’ve taken two day accredited courses that didn’t cover as much material as this book. The grant checklist forms alone are more than worth the price! Highly recommended!

Your simple course has been incredible! It has made more sense in five days than many of the $1000 courses. Thank you very much for taking the time to do this and truly help those of us who are struggling to bring in the revenue."
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Children’s Writing Super System

Children's Writing Super SystemClick Image To Visit SiteThen the Children’s Writer’s Super System—the only system of its kind on the Internet—is for you. Through nine interactive sessions, I will teach you the down-to-earth nitty-gritty about how to write and publish a children’s book—sharing one insider tip after another that will make you leapfrog over the competition.

I started out from scratch, without anything published, without any formal training, without even any ideas!
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Bidonvehicle.comClick Image To Visit SiteWe help People Just Like You to find Auto Auctions open to the Public. Discover vehicles that are sold at up to 90% OFF retail.

Every month across the United States, thousands of vehicles are seized by different Government agencies (IRS, DEA, FBI) & Police departments and auctioned off to the public. Due to certain laws these vehicles are listed and sold at up to 70% OFF their original value and auctions many times start at $100. Gov’t pre-owned/surplus vehicles are well maintained and usually only 2-3 yrs old. We offer you immediate access to 4,000+ updated auctions nationwide, NOT searchable elsewhere on the Internet and with guaranteed listings in every state.
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