Recommendation letter toolkit offering information, tips, and 89 downloadable templates for writing all types of letters of recommendation for business, personal, employment, and college admission purposes.

Recommendation Letter Toolkit That Is The One-And-Only Master Information Source For Writing All Types Of Letters Of Recommendation. If You Need To Write Any Kind of Recommendation Letter, or Letter Of Reference, Whether It’s For Business, Work, College Admission, or Home, This Kit Is Your One-Stop Information Source. Continue reading

Writing help toolkit (Revised Edition) offering tips and downloadable sample templates on how to write letters, reports, resumes, essays, and term papers, for business, personal, and school situations.

Writing Help Toolkit So You Can Stop Stop Doing Your Writing Work The Hard Way! At Home Or At Work, If You Ever Need Help Writing Personal Letters, Business Letters, Reports, Resumes, CVs, Essays, E-mails, Or Term Papers, Instant Home Writing Kit Is The Writing Help Toolkit For You. Continue reading

Letter writing “how-to” style guide AND downloadable templates that show you how to write EVERY kind of letter.

Comprehensive letter writing style guide full of tips, tricks, pointers, information and samples on how to write every type of letter that is ever written or requested online, worldwide. In addition to the eBook style guide, the Kit also includes an MS-Word file containing more than 100 fully-formatted real-life templates that can be downloaded directly into the user’s word processing program and used as required. The templates in the Kit are based on three years of research by the author into what are the most written/requested letters online. If you want to know how to write the most requested and written letters in the world, this Kit is your comprehensive how-to resource. Continue reading