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Track Your Sales Money - Track Your Sales MoneyClick Image To Visit SiteImagine seeing your actual results, being able to negotiate better deals on paid for advertising, and being able to implement strategies that give you the best results for your business.

Hi, my name is Miriam Scott, I have owned my own café/restaurants for over 10 years, and have owned many different types of businesses for 15 years; and am a business and marketing trainer.

“I get to do what I love doing, I can chose when I work. I can spend time doing what I want to do and when I want to do it – work and family”

However, 3 months later, you really are the business owner. The shiny bubble has started to lose its glow. It is no longer an excitable idea. Reality has kicked in.

Dealing with staff; to get them to do the work, and do the work at the level you want. “Please repeat the order back to the customer every-time” (this eliminates 90% of errors), and still they forget. “I forgot”, “I was distracted”, “the customer interrupted with questions”.

Listening to their problems, sorting out if they didn’t come to work, due to dramas or sickness. Always covering their shifts when they decided not to turn up, as it was usually 30 minutes prior to them starting and was often too late to get someone else in.

Do you hate having to cover a shift at dinner time, when you started working at 8.00am and had scheduled to have dinner with your child, and then your staff member rang to say that they had a fight with their boyfriend and were too upset to come to work, or the car broke down, and the multitude of excuses each would come up with.

Sound familiar, me too! I know, before I… Read more…


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