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VSSL - Jim Wolfe's Confidence FormulaClick Image To Visit SiteDid you know that feeling good about yourself in a real way consistently despite your imperfections and shortcomings is a skill you can learn?

And that you can do it without turning into an arrogant jerk, pretending not to care, or ignoring all the ways you could improve?

In fact, according to a University of Wisconsin study, you actually improve MORE when you focus more on what you’re doing right. So don’t worry about that.

And that most people NEVER learn this critical skill no matter how "successful" or "saintly" they are?

And did you know that this high internal value is one of the 4 male qualities that women find irresistible?

While learning this skill clearly benefits you every single day of your life, it also has a huge positive impact on everyone around you.

The problem is that basing your self-worth on "success" or anything else external to you instead of learning this skill is not a winning strategy because it will never be enough.

While true confidence makes you more successful, success doesn’t necessarily make you more self-assured.

In fact, lots of celebrities, wealthy people, men who seem to be successful with women but can’t keep them around very long, and even so-called "gurus" lack the most basic foundation of genuine confidence…

Maybe you can relate…I was the exact same way before I learned what I’m about to share with you today.

See, achievements, new levels of fame, pay increases, and buying nice things can make you feel good about yourself for a while, but like any drug, the feeling fades away quickly and then you need more just to feel normal.

And if you have deep regrets over your past decisions and actions, they can weigh you down for years even though… Read more…


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