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"I have seen other web sites selling certification classes and have watched many hours of video on how hypnosis works. Your videos are by far the best I have seen and yours are free. I just finished lesson 21 and can not wait for tomorrows lesson. I would love to make this my new profession. I look forward to learning more from you. Keep up the good work!"
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Instant Self-Hypnosis – Home

Instant Self-Hypnosis - HomeClick Image To Visit SiteSelf-Esteem & Confidence Weight Loss Stress Relief Relationships Self-Improvement Alpha Meditation

Examples of how you can use JUST the free audios on this website as helpful aids to get started with self hypnosis: For weight loss listen to the weight loss audio and use the motivation for self improvement For anxiety & depression relief (not a cure) listen to the stress relief audio on the 3 Step Depression Release page. To help quit smoking listen to the addiction release audio with white light visualization audio for pain relief. If you have high cholesterol then you need to consult you doctor… and as aids use the weight loss audio for better eating habits and to help you keep motivated to exercise (under guidance of a professional). Remember to use stereo headphones & set the volume at a comfortable level – once you relax you may need to lower the volume again as your ability to hear may become more sensitive as relaxation tends to enhance the senses)
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Unexplainable.Com- FREE Spiritual Brainwave MP3s

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No Ambient Music: There is no music present in our recordings. While music may not interfere with your meditative sessions, its usefulness is practically zero. We have arrived at this conclusion after using music in thousands of our recordings. In fact, many a times, the music overlay only serves to distract you from a narrowly focused state and diverts your attention elsewhere. Emotional responses stimulated by the music can break the sessions. Our recordings are the result of our research and are designed to achieve the mental state necessary for meditation. We believe Direct Frequency Tones or Monaural Beats in Bilateral Format with Color Noise is the most powerful way to success.
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Christian Affirmations

Christian AffirmationsClick Image To Visit SiteBecause from a baby it was tied to that stake and when it was young it would have felt pain every time it tried to escape until it became so ingrained into it’s subsconscious mind that even after it has grown up to be more powerful and surely could escape the elephant still thinks it is trapped.

If you put flees in a jar they jump up and down and escape. With the lid on the jar they jump and hit the lid until eventually they become conditioned to jump just high enough that they don’t hit the lid.
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Discover a New Step-By-Step System Guaranteed to Provide You Real Spiritual Experiences Instantly, Transform Yourself Radically, and Change Your Life Permanently – The Official Website of Immortology

Discover a New Step-By-Step System Guaranteed to Provide You Real Spiritual Experiences Instantly, Transform Yourself Radically, and Change Your Life Permanently - The Official Website of ImmortologyClick Image To Visit SiteI bet you have read dozens of spiritual and self-help books searching for answers, but you only became more confused. You didn’t really understand what the authors were speaking about, it all sounded spiritual mumbo-jumbo to you. And even what you understood didn’t become your own experience.

You heard that meditation was good, so you sat down to try it. However, you gave it up quickly, because you couldn’t stop the flow of thoughts, and you became frustrated. You even experimented with various relaxation techniques, but you could never really attain inner peace.
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Third Eye Help

Third Eye HelpClick Image To Visit Site“The Time Has Come To Awaken The Dimension Of Advanced Intelligence That Has Been Residing Dormant Within You, So You Can Gain The Clarity And Awareness That Comes With Opening The Third Eye!” “World’s Most Accomplished Hypnotist Formulates An Empowering System Designed To Equip Anyone With The Innate Ability To Open The Third Eye Effortlessly And With Ease And Confidence!” “Are You Ready To Take The First Step Into The Metaphysical World Where You Now Experience All That Exists Beyond The Third Dimension?”

My guess is you’ve probably heard of the notion of opening the third eye and that’s why you’ve arrived at this website.
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