JB College of Accredited Learning – Reiki for horses handbook

Reiki for horses handbook provides a solid foundation for those that are wanting to learn equine reiki. The handbook has been extremely popular as a practical resource for horse healing knowledge and application. Continue reading

Greatest Habit Learning Center

Click Image To Visit SiteOn this website, John Corneliu shares his research findings into the practice that is causal in the realization of the greatest levels of meaning, happiness and personal power in our history. Here is a practical guide to integrate 7 battle-tested principles to bring about real resolutions … Continue reading

Noonebu Philosophy School of Thought — Noonebu

Click Image To Visit SiteThe purpose of the Noonebu Academy is to properly inform, teach and instruct Noonebu culture, philosophy and science. The things that you learn in the Noonebu Academy will provide you with  unparalleled knowledge about absolute nature. You will learn in-depth information about universal laws, principles and order. Discover how … Continue reading

Solfeggio Sounds

Click Image To Visit SiteSolfeggio Sounds A sensational series of musical compositions based on ancient mathematical scales and legendary frequencies… The six Solfeggio frequencies have been analysed by physicists and musicians. All agree that they constitute a unique interrelated series of mathematically derived electromagnetic sound frequencies. They do not correlate … Continue reading