Learn The Secrets Of Peak Performance Golf

Learn The Secrets Of Peak Performance GolfClick Image To Visit SiteLouis Oosthuizen explains how his work with Karl Morris helped him win the 2010 Open Championship and the significance of the red dot on his glove. Plus, learn the importance of a pre-shot routine and discover why a “concentration trigger” is essential if you want to keep focus all the way to the 18th

In this video, PGA Professional, Adrian Fryer, finds himself faced with a choice that is probably quite familiar to most of us… Do you take the tough 4-iron shot for the flag and risk leaving it in the rough, or do you chip out sideways to guarantee a clean, easy shot at the green…?
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Invincible basics

Invincible basicsClick Image To Visit SiteEuropean Champion (2005); Pan American Champion (2003); Brazilian Champion (2002); World Champion (2002 Closing Bracket) 5x Sao Paulo State Champion; ADCC Brazilian Trials Winner; Judo Brazilian Nationals College Champion (1999); ADCC worlds veteran (2007); ADCC Brazilian Trials Winner (2004); Greco Roman Brazilian Nationals Champion (2005/2006); USA Southwest Judo Champion (2004); 2x World Silver Medallist (1999 and 2011);

Hi, I’m Renato Miglaccio. And yes, the accomplishments listed above are my own – but they’re only part of the story. So just before I explain how you could soon be sweeping, passing & submitting your opponents and teammates more consistently while relying less on athleticism and power with this Nationally Recognized & World Champion Recommended System… let me tell you about… The year was 1997 and I was just starting my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu career. Training with some of the famous grapplers of that time, guys like Renzo Gracie, Ralph Gracie and Ryan Gracie and many more who I’m tell you about later….but being surrounded by that talent was inspiring to say the least… Two years passed and I began to realize that I was at a plateau in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu…I came to find that I had "just enough" to get by against the white and most blue belts….but there was an obstacle in my game really holding me back.
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The Ultimate Martial Arts CD

The Ultimate Martial Arts CDClick Image To Visit SiteBut I wanted even more. Over the years I produced 2 very impressive videos for use in my weapons seminars and seminars on "secrets of the martial arts". These video’s sold for $75 each and have have sold hundreds of copies. I decided to Add these videos to the CD Rom.

In the past 5 years I continued to write new book and now the total is up to 32. I also added 10 more great books that are important and public domain, making the total of complete books on this CD 42. So you get all 42 Books and 6 hours of video in this collection. In this one collection you will find 42 COMPLETE BOOKS and 6 HOURS OF VIDEOS
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Golf Training For Juniors

Golf Training For JuniorsClick Image To Visit SiteIf you’re like most junior golfers, your goals include playing and winning in local tournaments, in AJGA, IJGT or other junior tour events, getting a college scholarship,  and may even dream of one day playing on the professional tours.

In order to play to your peak potential in todays ultra-competive junior golf scene, you NEED to seriously address EVERY aspect of your training… or your competitors will – and the result will likely be that you get beaten by golfers who have less talent and skill than you do.
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Level Elite Hitting System — Ultimate Baseball Training

Level Elite Hitting System — Ultimate Baseball TrainingClick Image To Visit SiteBecome the biggest and baddest guy on your team by spraying balls all over the field and lighting up the scoreboard…

The mentality side of baseball gets far overlooked but is what separates the good players from the great players. If you want to be great then no matter how hard you work your skills, you still have to have that IT factor mentally.
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ConsistentGolf.com – Lower Scores For Once-A-Week Golfers

ConsistentGolf.com - Lower Scores For Once-A-Week GolfersClick Image To Visit SiteAdvancement in technology has given us unprecedented insight into what happens at impact during a golf shot. On the one hand that’s awesome and amazing. BUT there’s always another hand :-). Lately I’ve been seeing a few products popping up that are teaching golfers how to improve what they do at impact. If you think […]…

This video shows a younger Ben Hogan hitting a driver off a tee in a golf tournament. This videos shows Ben swinging from a different type of view and I have made this driver swing play at various speeds to you can clearly see what Hogan is doing. And from this view you can clearly […]…
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Fantasy Lineups Daily – Capable Life Featuring DFS Help From Brad

Fantasy Lineups Daily - Capable Life Featuring DFS Help From BradClick Image To Visit SiteWatch the video above for full details. You get my researched picks right in your inbox! That’s what I do, RESEARCH. For the rest of the NFL season get my picks 3-5 lineups per week in my jam-packed newsletter. Perfect for the skilled player who just doesn’t have the time to research line-up’s for the day or wants that extra edge. And ideal for the newbie who wants to start high scoring line-ups right off the bat.  

I know because I use many of them. And yes they are very helpful but also very expensive. So use my research for a fraction of the cost to do it on your own. Not to mention the time you save. Yes I have a life and I’ll admit that some days I even have difficulty getting my line-ups finished in time.
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