21 Hours To Mental Power – Just another WordPress site

21 Hours To Mental Power - Just another WordPress siteClick Image To Visit SiteIf you’ve ever dreamt of playing Major league Baseball or Division 1 Softball and are ready to take the most important step in getting you closer to making that a reality… read on…

By now, you’ve likely heard of the 5 tools that every college coach and pro scout judge a prospect on: speed, glove, arm, ability to hit for average, and hit for power.
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Pitchers Arm Care – Rockland Peak Performance

Pitchers Arm Care - Rockland Peak PerformanceClick Image To Visit SiteLet’s face it, everyone wants to throw hard, but we have to make sure we’re going about it the best and safest way possible. Thus, learning the correct way to take care of your arm, shoulder and body as a pitcher should be a top priority, not only during the season but year-round as well.

Pitchers Arm Care E-book is nearly 70 pages in length and comes with 40 instructional videos that will show you many of the steps that our high school, college and pro players go through to take care of their arm. Remember, the arm can lose up to 10 degrees of internal rotation after even just one outing, so arm care should be a part of every pitchers mindset and protocol all year long.
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ClickbankClick Image To Visit SiteThe pitching course that started it all. Used by over 40,000 pitchers world wide. The 90mph Club Core Program is used by more pitchers than any other pitching program ever created. Endorsed by Hall Of Famer, Goose Gossage, MLB pitching coaches Rick Honeycutt and Dave Eiland as well as Vanderbilt Pitching Coach Derek Johnson.

Paul’s favorite pitch and the easiest pitch to learn and to dominate with. The sinker is safe pitchers of all ages to throw. In this detailed course Paul will take you by the hand and give you everything you’ll need to throw a filthy sinker in no time flat.
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Cognitive Advantage Program – Baseball Mental Game

Cognitive Advantage Program - Baseball Mental GameClick Image To Visit SiteUncover the Secrets of MLB Stars. The CAP is the most comprehensive systematic Performance & Development Program out there! Learn the “how to” of the mental game of baseball.

A Team Pack video set delivered to each member of your team is the most efficient way to work on the mental game. Each player on your team works on their time, not taking practice time. It’s like sending them to confidence school!
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How to Run Successful Fitness Bootcamps

How to Run Successful Fitness BootcampsClick Image To Visit SiteIf you’re sick and tired of annoying last-minute cancelations, an exhausting 12-hour schedule that never seems to have enough clients, and worst of all – feeling miserable day-after-day because your income is much less than you deserve — then you’ll want to read the rest of this message.

Personal fitness trainers all around the globe are discovering a simple secret to spending less time training while putting more money in their pockets. And it doesn’t matter where you live, because you too can use this proven strategy to build your bank account, create clients who rave about you, and do it all while still having a life!
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Ultimate Hockey Training: Transforming Effort into Ability!

Ultimate Hockey Training: Transforming Effort into Ability!Click Image To Visit SiteHockey Development Expert Reveals his Secret Off-Ice Training System to Creating Explosive Players with Incredible Stamina!

I’ve personally trained thousands of hockey players ranging from novices at the youth level to players competing at the professional level. Over the years, I’ve developed a comprehensive training system that combines innovative training methods and injury-prevention strategies to help players achieve their best seasons ever. For years these abnormal results were reserved for the players at my training facility, but now you can benefit from this PROVEN training system.
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