MMA Training

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The Boxing Blue Print Guarantee

Cutting edge taining information revealed for strength training, interval training, flexibility training, fitness fighter program, endurance training, exercise physiology, circuit training, burpees exercise and more Continue reading

Invincible basics

Click Image To Visit SiteEuropean Champion (2005); Pan American Champion (2003); Brazilian Champion (2002); World Champion (2002 Closing Bracket) 5x Sao Paulo State Champion; ADCC Brazilian Trials Winner; Judo Brazilian Nationals College Champion (1999); ADCC worlds veteran (2007); ADCC Brazilian Trials Winner (2004); Greco Roman Brazilian Nationals Champion (2005/2006); USA … Continue reading

The 7 Most Effective Self Defense Techniques

The 7 Most Effective Self Defense Techniques – Discover how to defend yourself by using the 7 most effective techniques without training for years in martial arts! Finally a simple and effective guide for anyone of any shape or size. By Terry Lyon, Self defense instructor and 5th Dan Gou-Ryu Karate master. Continue reading