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 Hello my name is Art Mason. I am a 32 year veteran of martial arts training. Believe me when I tell you that things have not always been easy! My first instructor was a very tall and powerful man, who made everything look EASY. It used to frustrate me that there were just some things I could not get to work. Others we OK, but many techniques just alluded me!

After being with him for 16 years I left to open my own school. We were doing it on a 6 night per week basis and I knew I had to get good, VERY good at what I was doing on the floor! My son’s and I started to train in different systems, looking for find ways to make what we did more effective!

Everything changed. GM Dillman is truly an amazing martial artist and very much a showman. But after all the martial arts is a personality driven business. But the most important thing to me was not the FLASH, but that he showed me some things I could TAKE home, implement and make my techniques more effective! I was SOLD!!

I contacted the seminar host, Grand Master Steve Stewart and asked how I could learn more! He put me in his Novice Study Group and I was HOOKED. I spent the next 10 years under GM Stewart’s system, becoming his most qualified student / instructor in Canada (Level 5 Teacher). I pursued pressure point knowledge everywhere I could find it! It was my driving passion!

I organized the outstanding systems of GM Stewart, made them even more effective by added my… Read more…


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