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How To Book The Cheapest Airfare Available, Every Time... By Journo TravelClick Image To Visit SiteWho Else Wants The Secrets To Finding & Booking The Cheapest Airfare Available, EVERY Time… GUARANTEED?

I’ve been a travel addict for decades and lucky enough to do the 30/30 – visit over 30 countries by thirty years old.

We put an amazing team together and created the Journo Travel Journal because we knew there had to be a better way to remember our adventures…

The idea sprouted when trying to describe this insanely red sunset in my paper journal while "on the hook" in the most gorgeous and secluded bay in the Exuma Islands.  Words just couldn’t do it justice… not even close.

From that simple idea, it took on a life of its own and garnered praise from travelers around the world, and been featured on sites like these:

We’re truly grateful for how well things have gone, but in growing this travel community and listening to them, we’ve realized our work isn’t done…

We fly in and out of Nassau quite often and we’re off to Portugal soon. Here’s a fare I got quoted from one of the big online flight hubs that rave about having the "cheapest fares around:"

But for the EXACT SAME DESTINATION, searching at the EXACT SAME TIME I found this one, $279.15 cheaper:

Researching at the exact same time, for an EVEN BETTER ROUTE, on the exact same dates, our #1 Go-To "baseline" tool would keep $253.50 in your pocket:

FACT: Overall, Americans spend 12 days searching for flights and comparing prices before ultimately booking!

Is there a system or set of “hacks” that will take ALL the stress out of booking and get you the cheapest flights possible, EVERY SINGLE TIME?

And now that our Journo travel community is growing, we’ve discovered that it’s a hassle every traveler knows… Read more…


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